Extraordinary Perception

Datum: Freitag, 9. Juni 2017 (19:00 -21:30) Samstag, 10. Juni 2017 (09:00 -18:00) Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017 (09:00 -17:00)
Lehrer/in : Acharya Alfonso Taboada
Koordinatorin : Meta Märtens
Kontaktperson : Meta Märtens
Gebühr Voll : €130
Gebühr Mitglieder: €130
Frühbucher: €100
Lung and study of the text "Sacred World, Shambhala Ritual" Vajrayana Intensive with Acharya Alfonso Taboada

Just by uttering the words Shambhala Ritual, one can hear the rustling of armor and the neigh of drala horses; they are ready and waiting. It is now time for the warriors on earth to meet them halfway. SAKYONG MIPHAM RINPOCHE


This weekend retreat with Acharya Taboada, chaperon of this text in Europe, is open to all Shambhala tantrikas who have completed Sacred World Assembly or Vajrayana Seminary. It emphasizes group practice and study of the Sacred World text that is nowadays first taught and presented in Sacred World Assemblies.

It therefore serves as a way to deepen our understanding of some key vajrayana topics the Sakyong wants us to practice with, that include how to experience extraordinary perception through ritual, nontheistic view of practice, jñanasattvas and samayasattvas, generation and completion stages, three kayas and three courts, qualities of the student’s mind necessary to perceive the transcendent, how to cultivate a relations­hip with dralas and deities, and the connection between visualization practice and the intermediate state.

We heartly invite you to attend the entire weekend in Hamburg. It is possible to sleep in the center. Lunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday. Those who have already received the lung may attend only the feast on Saturday evening. Anyone receiving the lung for the first time must attend all of Saturday, but is encouraged to attend the entire program.

Please register until April 29th so that we can order the text.

Coordination: Meta Märtens ([email protected])



130,– Euro

Early Bird: 100,– Euro until April 30th 2017*

 (plus 45,– Euros for the Text)


Shambhala Zentrum e.V.

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Place: Shambhala Zentrum Hamburg, Hansastraße 19, 20149 Hamburg


*Please register until April 30th 2017 with a deposit of 20,– Euros at Hamburger Volksbank

If you cannot affort this price but still would like to attend, please contact [email protected] for a financial arrangement.